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Wake up with Kaleidoscope eyes, GM before you die Meme: 4 Season: 1 Card: 5

About 6529 Memes

The 6529 Memes Collection is focused on the fight for the open metaverse (decentralization, community, self-sovereignty) and spreading this message to many people, many wallets. It is a collection that is meant to be open and accessible. Edition sizes will generally be large and inexpensive, to spread the word and to avoid gas wars. We will try to have a good time along the way, make some fun art, do great collabs and just generally have a good time.

For more information visit or follow him on Twitter:

OwnRare has recreated (re-memed) 6529's memes on our site to continue to spread 6529's concepts as far as possible. OwnRare will limit the number of each to 10 NFTs for each meme.

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